Do this before ever putting a sign in the yard and you’ll make more money in a shorter amount of time!!!

We strive to keep ahead of the market by continuing our education and looking for the best possible marketing, preparation and advertising scenarios to help our clients. 


It all starts with managing expectations and knowing values. Knowing the market around each listing. We strive to do this by being a huge part of the day to day market. We spend our days visiting new listings and keeping up with the interior and exterior trends. How each property relates to the next so that helping you establish your value is more than an automated guess. This is why we do FREE Broker Opinions in order to only choose the most relevant homes. By seeing the houses in and around our communities daily, being part of the market and identifying what makes a home sell for more or less… we are able to help you intelligently price your home for sale.

Staging is another one of those elements. Do stage homes sell faster? Do they sell for more money? Yes! 

The market times vary from area to area but staged and priced properly we can narrow down your window and help you achieve all of your goals. 

Give us a call today if you have any questions or would like to have an agent provide you with a FREE, No obligation Broker Opinion.