I had lunch with a colleague the other day at one of my favorite stops in Nashville, Restoration Hardware Cafe. We meet monthly to go over our goals, aspirations, dreams and to keep each other accountable. We’ve been friends since 2004 or so when she came to me as an investor and rehabber. After a few deals we had grown into fast friends and I knew she would be perfect in the world of real estate so I encouraged her to license. This was many years before I started a team and certainly many years before I understand the power of controlling the day. I still struggle to master my days, weeks and months, nobody perfect! To give you a bit of insight, Denise had a busy month and several closings ( thats the great news) but she had a closing that morning that had turned into a bit of a long one. Papers had to be redrawn and printed and even though she text to let me know I felt her pain of not making it on time. She’s always been very punctual and it had to kill her. When Denise arrived this day books, bags and phone in hand, her phone going off every 10 minutes and continued text message fires to put out… she looked frazzled to say the least. My multi tasking friend was a mess and barely enjoyed the lunch and surroundings that makes us choose that lovely cafe for our lunch appointments. It got me thinking about my schedule and how I keep from going insane while running a team of 14 agents… that is the reason for the post. For my friends in real estate, my team of amazing agents, agents in other companies or even entrepreneurs  running your own businesses. Theres tons of books out there about mastering your day, setting intentions and goal boards. Believe me, I’ve read them all. I have a small library in my office for my agents to check out and I read 2 a month as a practice. I also keep the TV OFF. such a time waster. Make a date with your honey and turn the music on, cook together ( I do blue apron and hello fresh on rotations to help cut down on my running) but what a great way to connect. 
This framework for my day works for me and allows me to utilize each one to its fullest extent. After all, our days are numbered and we have to make the very most of them. This routine is not complicated, but there are nine components that I incorporate daily to guarantee productivity. Do you have to follow all nine steps at once? Not at all — implementing just one of these at any time will increase your effectiveness exponentially. View the 9 short posts and try to implement them into your day to day life to see how much learning these new habits do help out your life. 

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