Many of the reasons we’ve gone over for continuing to rent have revolved around philosophical or psychological reasons. But one of the most legitimate reasons people have for continuing to rent instead of owning a home, is that they have poor credit or low credit scores.

If this is your main reason for renting, you might be in luck…

There are lenders who have mortgage products for people with lower credit scores. And if your credit score is too low, and you can’t qualify for a mortgage at this time, you can repair your credit and raise your score in a short period of time.

You could search online to find lenders who deal with low credit scores, or people who say they’ll help you improve your credit rating. ( but remember…not all lenders are created equal)

Or you could save some time and effort and simply reach out to one of the mortgage professionals I use every month, that I know and trust.

I have a list of local mortgage professionals who specialize in, and can help you, if you have a low credit score:

Who knows, maybe your credit score isn’t as bad as you even think! Perhaps you can already qualify for a mortgage! Only one way to find out…

Give me a call, send and email or even a smoke signal. I’m Keri Bateman, Team Leader of the Progeny Team here at Benchmark Realty in Nashville and Allison James Estates & Homes In Washington.

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