Some people rent because they want the freedom to pack up and move anywhere in the world they want, at any time.

This should probably be filed in the same drawer as “You can be whatever you want when you grow up!”.

Both are good thoughts and perspectives. But most people don’t grow up to be exactly what they dreamed of being when they were younger, and most people aren’t just packing up and moving to Bali (or wherever else) making a living online (or doing whatever else).

Sorry, not trying to be a buzzkill…

Just being realistic. Most people eventually find themselves carving out a nice enough life right where they are and never truly move all that far.

But what if you buy a house, and you decide to just chase your dreams and move to Fiji (or Vegas…or L.A.)?! Then sell your house and move! People do it all the time. Buying a house isn’t the end of your freedom. You might even be able to get a house sold and move more easily and quickly than getting out of some of the leases I’ve seen.

Maybe owning a house could even be your road to greater freedom to move around. What if you buy a place that makes you some good money, or can be rented out for more than you pay for it each month? Hard to get those options when you’re renting.

So don’t look at owning a house as an anchor. It may be quite the opposite.

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