Another common reason people give for renting versus buying is that buying a home is “too much of a financial commitment”.

It certainly is a financial commitment. But so is renting!

When you sign a lease, you’re committing to pay someone a certain amount, each month, for a period of time. There are penalties for breaking a lease or for not paying.

The argument is that a lease is a shorter term, and that you can get out of it usually within a few months to a year. It’d be the same with owning a house. If you want or need to move on, you can just sell it…usually within a few months to a year.

No matter how you cut it, having a place to live is a commitment. Each has pros and cons.

I can’t say which is better for you, but I’d be glad to help you figure it out if you have questions. Give me a call if you’d like to weigh the pros and cons of buying versus renting considering your current situation and future plans.


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